Mom gives birth in a supermarket – celebrates with the perfect photoshoot

By Kim Abrahams
13 June 2017

“I really had no idea I was pregnant.”

It’s always a fascinating story when someone who was pregnant had absolutely no idea.

How is it possible to have another human being growing inside of you without your knowledge?

Well, this was the lot of Ashleigh Miller-Cross, who ended up giving birth in a local supermarket after unknowingly carrying a little boy for nine months.

And the new mom decided to celebrate the little guy’s birth with the most fitting themed photoshoot.


While walking through the aisles of Atlantic Superstore in Canada in April, Ashleigh began to feel a terrible pain. She rushed to the ladies' room where the pain intensified.

Ashleigh had no idea she was in labour.

The assistant manager of the store, Malcolm Comeau, heard screaming coming from the toilets and rushed to see what was happening.

“I opened the door and Ashleigh was there and the baby was halfway out,” he told CBC News. “She just screamed at me, ‘I’m having a baby!’ and I automatically grabbed my phone and dialled 911.”

Fortunately, the supermarket had a clinic located within it and Comeau ran to get a doctor’s help. In the meantime, a brave employee jumped in to help.

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"I peeked back in; the baby had been born. He was fine. He was breathing," said Comeau.

Ashleigh, who just 10 months ago gave birth to a little girl they named Mia, celebrated the family’s latest addition, Ezra, with a grocery store-themed photoshoot by local photographer Jen Matchett from Branches Photography.

In the adorable snaps, a smiling Ezra lies in a packed grocery basket, surrounded by food items.

“I really had no idea I was pregnant,” Ashleigh said. “I presumed I hadn’t lost any weight because I only had Mia 10 months ago. I didn’t grow any extra. I was just the same size. I didn’t have any cravings.”

Clearly now leaving the store with more than just a basket of groceries, she and her hubby, Kyle, were given a year’s supply of nappies by the supermarket.


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