Mom hopes doctor can help son born without penis

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20 May 2015

The mother of a 5-year-old boy is hoping that the Cape Town "penis doctor" can help her child who was born without sexual organs.

Johannesburg -

The boy was born with a rare condition called epispadias and he still has to wear nappies. He has had to undergo several operations and now urinates through an implanted tube.

'He does not understand... it breaks my heart,' said his mom.

But the tube often breaks and causes serious bladder infections, his mom told Netwerk24 from their home in Rustenburg in the North West.

Professor Dionne Celliers, a urologist from Pretoria, said the boy was suffering from a severe case of epispadias.

She has referred him to experts at the Red Cross hospital in Cape Town.

The boy and his mom are scheduled to travel to Cape Town on June 28.

‘I will sell everything’

She hopes to then meet professor Andre van der Merwe, the urologist from the University of Stellenbosch, who earlier this year did the first penis transplant in the world.

She has sent him the results of his medical tests and is waiting for feedback on whether he would be able to help her son.

"I hope they can help my child,” she said.

"It doesn't matter what it costs. I will sell everything in my house so that my child can lead a normal life.”

He never gets invited to birthday parties and cannot play at his friends' homes because he is still wearing nappies.

He also gets teased about it.

"He does not understand... it breaks my heart," said his mom.

Vania van der Heever, Netwerk24


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