'Mom, I've been kidnapped': Teen’s chilling Facebook messages after abduction

By Kirstin Buick
04 August 2015

It may be the worst Facebook message a parent could ever receive.

“Mum, I’ve been kidnapped. Help me please.”

But this was exactly how LA Tukerangi’s family discovered she was in trouble last Saturday. News.com.au reports the 15-year-old from Auckland, New Zealand sent her mother Marie and sister Keysha messages telling them she was being held against her will by Dean Wayne Whakatau.
'We want to know that we’re going to see her again'

Whakatau (36), who was recently released from jail, has more than 50 convictions, including that of rape and abduction.

"Keysha iv been kidnapped call the cops im in Taupo please help me," was LA's first message to her older sister.

During the exchange with panicked Keysha, she said she was taken after a fight at her boyfriend's Clendon home by his 'adopted brother', Whakatau.

"Quick get help I cant text you when. Hes with me ... please help call them hea back please," she added, promising to steal the phone again in the morning.

That was the last the family had heard of her.

Her mother says she has been terrified for LA's life since she received the message.

“From there on in, you just go into silent mode. You become numb,” she told the New Zealand Herald . “We just want her home and safe. We just want her home, we want to know that we’re going to see her again.”

While some reports suggest that LA was involved with her abductor, her parents are adamant she has a boyfriend her own age.

"That's what everyone thinks, and I know my daughter, she's a bit of a follower," her father Chris said. "She's either a real good girl, or sort of easily influenced.

"But at that age, you're just not in any control to make any important decisions."

Since her abduction, sightings of LA and Whakatau have been reported to police.

Though they are unconfirmed, police were following them up, police spokeswoman Kim Perks said.

Sources: news.co.au, nzherald.co.nz

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