Mom of raped and slain toddler pleads innocence in letter to her parents

By Pam Magwaza
13 July 2017

"I loved that child before he was born."

When Abigail Ruiters found out in court that her 18-month-old son, Jeremiah Ruiters was raped before allegedly being brutally murdered by her boyfriend, she cried out, “What did you do to my son?!”

Ruiters and her boyfriend Ameerudien Peters (26) appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, where they tried to apply for bail. Ruiters is charged with murder and child neglect, while Peters allegedly raped, beat and stabbed the child to death at their home in Kensington, Cape Town, on 12 June.

The State asked for a postponement in the matter as defence lawyers brought forth a formal bail application. The matter was postponed to August 16 for bail application.

Ruiters, who is six months pregnant and has two other children, recently wrote a heart-rending letter to her parents about the circumstances she finds herself in.

In the letter supplied to Independent Online, Ruiters thanks her parents for being there for her through the hard times she finds herself in.

“I’m trying to be strong and never lose hope. All that I wish is to be home with [her daughters]. I miss them dearly and I know they need me,” she says.

She also maintains her innocence.

“I didn’t do anything to hurt my son. I loved that child before he was born,” she wrote.

“Why must I be in prison, I’m innocent. I went to go work for my kids. Life is so unfair.”

She goes on to ask her parents to put a lock on her door and sends her love to her two children left at home.

“Let my kids know I will see them soon,” she wrote. “Dad, please bring me some money. Thanks, love your daughter, Abby.”

Speaking to The Daily Voice, Ruiters’s mother, Gail Ruiters said that life has been empty without Jeremiah.

She talks about how sad she is that Ruiters cannot be with her children.

““I feel so bad. I thought she would come out today [on Wednesday] but unfortunately it’s another postponement,” said Gail.

“We trusted him [Peters]; he loved that child so much. I don’t know how he could kill that child”.

Sources: The Daily Voice,  Independent Online, News 24 

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