Mom-of-two raped at luxury villa on dream island holiday – then offered manicure 'as compensation'

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21 July 2016

A dream holiday to the Caribbean island of St Lucia turned into a nightmare for one woman after she was raped at the villa she was staying in within hours of arriving.

Georgina Mortimer, a British doctor, booked her island holiday through Girls for Sail, the “only sailing school for ladies” that also claimed to “take care of each other and maintain a safe environment”.

When she got there, the 45-year-old mom to teenage daughters wasn't given a key for her bedroom door.

"But two instructors were also staying there and I understood the front door would be locked each night," she told The Sun.

“But I woke to find a monster pinning me down in my bed attacking me, I thought I was going to be murdered.

“The hand on my throat pressed down so hard I thought I was going to pass out. I could hardly breathe let alone scream.

“I thought of my children and was determined not to die. I lay as quiet as possible because I felt any struggling on my part could anger him enough to kill me.

“It was around fifteen minutes of hell before someone knocked at the door and my attacker fled.”

After the attack, Georgina was taken to the hospital where she treated for bruising and shock. She was also given medication to prevent possible sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

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It was also discovered that there had been similar attacks at the villa.

“I started to get angry. I had gone on a women only holiday, you have an expectation of safety.

“Because of the other incidents they should surely have upped security therefore the villa should have had CCTV and a security guard on duty. They should have at least had self locking doors and told us to be vigilant.”

She then wrote a letter to the company, airing out her grievances at the inadequate security.

In response, she was offered a massage and manicure as compensation.

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"They'd described it as a little 'treat' for me and hoped I found it 'enjoyable'. As if that would cheer me up. I had been raped under their guard. I was disgusted, insulted."

Georgina is now suing the holiday company and villa owner for negligence.

Annie O’Sullivan, one of the co-founders of Girls, said: “We have been a TripAdvisor recommended 4.5 star villa since 2012 and strenuously dispute the claims made.”


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