Mom on trial for poisoning her son with salt

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27 January 2015

A young mother who has been accused of poisoning her five-year-old son with salt will stand trial this week in the district of Westchester, New York.

Lacey Spears of Scottsville, Kentucky, has been charged with murder and manslaughter for the death of Garnett-Paul Spears a year ago.

The prosecutors say she forced salt into the boy’s stomach via a feeding tube. They argue the child’s sodium levels shot up dangerously and led to a swollen brain, convulsions and death.


Meanwhile Lacey, a blogger, has continually kept her followers on social media up to date. She made thousands of posts during her son’s life, presenting herself as a dedicated mom.

Her posts, internet searches on sodium and Garnett’s hospital records will be used as evidence.

Appointment of the jury begins on Monday.

Sources: Mail Online,, CBS News

- Wilmer Muller

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