Mom pops growth on son's leg only to discover a SEA SNAIL living inside

By Kirstin Buick
30 October 2015

When Paul Franklin fell and cut his knee, his mom Rachel wasn't worried – until it swelled to the size of an apple.

The California mom took Paul (now 7) to a doctor, who said it was a staph infection, Mail Online reports. The GP gave Paul antibiotics and told them not to pop the strange growth.

But when it turned black and started oozing pus, Rachel went against the doctor's orders and drained it.
'I turn it over and I think - I might have laughed out loud'
What she discovered inside left her completely shocked -- and Paul quite delighted. "I’m peering at this object and it has a strange look about it," she said during an episode of Discovery Channel's Monster Inside Me. "I realised it wasn't a rock. It has whirls on it. "I turn it over and I think - I might have laughed out loud. I said, 'Paul. This is a snail. It’s a freaking snail.'”

Ken, Paul's dad, thinks it somehow got into his son's leg after he fell on a nest of snail's eggs at the beach.

The mollusc had been growing inside the tissue above Paul's knee, which began to ooze and turned black as his  body’s immune system rejected it.

The creature was a littorina scutulata, biologist Dan Riskin explains on the TV programme, which is a type of sea snail that can survive in a wide range of temperatures and waters.

Paul has since named him 'Turbo'. He lives in a tank with Paul's pet fish, Dory.

Sources: Mail Online, CNN, Yahoo

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