Mom slits kids’ throats to 'keep them quiet'

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29 January 2015

A young mother charged with stabbing her three young children with a kitchen knife told detectives she’d done it to keep them quiet for her soldier husband’s sake.

In court papers filed on Monday 29-year-old Christina Booth of Olympia, Washington told police investigators her husband never helped her with the children, a two-year-old toddler and six-month-old twins, and that he got “very annoyed” when they cried.

'Christina made the comment 'they will be quiet now' several times'

Christina, who was arrested early on Sunday morning for investigation of attempted murder, was been released on R34,5 million bail on Monday.

It was Christina herself who called emergency services, dialling 911 to report that her three children wouldn't stop crying and "needed medical attention."

When police arrived they found the twins on the couch crying "uncontrollably" and "bleeding from their necks." The 2-year-old girl was in bed, under the covers with "dry blood all over her."

The children underwent surgery and their condition was described as stable on Sunday. They have been placed in the custody of the state’s child protection services.

In court papers Christina’s husband, Thomas Booth, said his wife was being treated for postnatal depression. In his statement, he said the two of them had shared some wine.

"Thomas said he was feeling intoxicated and Christina was intoxicated to the point that she was slurring her words."

Christina's version of events differs. She told authorities she was having "a really rough time" taking care of her three children. She said that her husband "never helps" and that he "gets very annoyed when the children cry and make noise."

"During the interview, Christina broke down crying several times, yelled about Thomas never helping with the kids" the official document says. "Christina made the comment 'they will be quiet now' several times."

Sources: ABC News, CNN, Huffington Post

- Wilmer Muller

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