Mom-to-be shows off incredible pole dancing routine while in LABOUR!

By Litaletu Zidepa
03 August 2016

Her goal was to do "a human flag with split legs" on her due date. And she did.

Many advocates of the controversial dance style will tell you how liberating it is, how it can help you destress and unwind...

But this pole dancing fanatic took things to the next level.

Kat Bailey from West Bridgeford in the UK filmed herself pole dancing while she was in labour.

The university psychology lecturer turned PoleKat Fitness instructor can be seen in the video twirling upside down on the pole and doing the splits in mid-air.

“So… I'm officially in labour :). Got a few hours before we go to the hospital so thought I'd do some pole between contractions,” she wrote on the video posted on Facebook.

This wasn't the first time the young mom, who founded PoleKat Fitness in 2011, proved to fans that pregnancy hadn't slowed her down much.

"I miss my six pack greatly at the minute but I have gained a chest instead," she said in another clip she posted on the social media site, filmed while she was seven months pregnant.

"When I dislocated my arm I still taught lesson and I did get some hassle from people about it so I am ready for any negative feedback about this.

"My goal is to be able to do a human flag with split legs on my due date."

The instructor kept her word when she filmed her performance in the new 32-second video of her holding her heavily pregnant body horizontally in mid-air with her legs open wide.

The incredible home clip, titled ‘Labour day Iron X’, has been viewed over 270 000 times on her Facebook page.

While many people would condemn Kat's antics, she said, “It's not a great idea to take up a dangerous hobby when you become pregnant, but in general they do encourage exercise when you're expecting.”

And it seems there was no harm done. Kat delivered a healthy baby boy -- Joshua David Bailey -- on August 1. She and her husband David, a university researcher, are thrilled with their newest addition.

Sources: MailOnline, , Facebook

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