Mom & wife: The real me

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01 April 2011

Social butterfly, flirt, sex kitten, cougar – Loui Fish has been called all these things and more. But the badmouthing doesn’t bother her, she says. ‘‘As long as family and friends know the real Loui, I’m happy.’’

The real Loui, she tells us, has only ever wanted to be a mother and wife.

The 38-year-old mom of two spoke candidly to YOU at the mansion in Mooikloof, Pretoria, she and her ex-husband, soccer star Mark Fish (37), bought before they split.

She dismisses the public image of her and says she’s been angry about it only once.

‘‘There was this article in a Sunday paper with pictures of my Facebook friends. And the next thing I know we were all supposed to be lovers!’’

And she insists her days of dating younger men are over. ‘‘It was fun but there you are hanging out with someone 10 or 15 years younger than you and suddenly you realise you have nothing to talk about.’’

That includes Blue Bulls star Francois Hougaard (21) who, after they broke up last year, made a heartfelt apology in a sports magazine.

Loui snorts. ‘‘I can say only one thing about Hougaard: he’s the biggest girl I’ve ever gone out with. So call me a lesbian!’’

And she’s finally found her Mr Right, she says. Her ‘‘second shot at happiness’’ is how she describes her three-month relationship with Brian Hermann (43), former Thai boxing world champion, martial arts instructor and Pretoria security chief.

A friend recommended him as a personal fitness trainer, she called him and it began from there. ‘‘Next thing I knew there was an extra pair of shoes under my bed and another toothbrush in my bathroom. That’s when I knew I was in a relationship.’’

Read the full interview in the 7 April issue of YOU.

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