Mom's clever rule saves her boys from being abducted

By Nombulelo Manyana
30 March 2017

You might want to teach your kids the 'tricky people rule!

These little boys prevented their own abduction – thanks to this simple rule.

Jodie Norton, a mother of four and blogger from Utah in the United States, found herself in a tricky situation one morning when she had to rush to the emergency room because of excruciating pain in her lower abdomen.

“In short, it was an unbearable pain that had me doubled over, light-headed, and incredibly nauseous,” Jodie wrote on her blog Time Well Spent.

“Well, with the help of some unseen angels, truly, I somehow got enough clothes on my body to be decent [she'd been in the shower when it happened] and drove my four kids and myself five minutes to our small town ER.”

While she was being treated for a ruptured ovarian cyst, Jodie had left her two sons, whom she writes about by their nicknames, CJ (10) and T-Dawg (8), waiting outside of the ER and took the smaller kids in with her. A neighbour would be picking the boys up and driving them to school. Unfortunately the neighbour took longer than she'd anticipated to get there, leaving the boys unsupervised for 40 minutes.

“I had wrongly assumed my neighbour was coming from his house (not somewhere farther away),” Jodie wrote.

While waiting for the neighbour, CJ and T-Dawg were approached by three strangers.

The woman and two “punk” males asked the boys to “help them out by going into the bathroom where her boyfriend was hiding from the doctor and see if they could convince him to come out and get treated”. “Yes, I’m serious that’s what they said,” Josie wrote incredulously. “Even after CJ replied, ‘No, thank you’ they kept at them.”

“My two boys experienced their first real-world experience with the freaky, perverted strangers they’ve been intermittently warned about,” Jodie wrote.

The boys refused to help and the strangers soon gave up. When the neighbour eventually arrived, they saw the third man walk out of the bathroom and get into a car with the other adults and speed off.

All this was relayed to Jodie when the boys returned from school that afternoon.

But her sons had been savvy enough to know the strangers were trouble – or as she calls them, “tricky people”.

“My anger and shock turned to immense gratitude, however, when I heard CJ spout off a family ‘stay safe’ rule we went over way too long ago that helped him know these creeps were up to no good. Most specifically, a tip for identifying a ‘tricky person’.”

Her eldest told her, “Mom, I knew they were tricky people because they were asking us for help. Adults don’t ask kids for help.”

In her blog post, Jodie explains the tricky people concept which was created by Pattie Fitzgerald, the founder of Safely Ever After. 

It encourages parents to educate children on the behaviour of tricky people, such as asking a child for help when there are other adults around to ask.

Jodie says the police have been notified and will be reviewing CCTV footage of the spot where the boys were sitting outside the hospital.

She says she shared the experience so everyone can learn from it.

“When it’s all said and done, the phrase ‘knowledge is power’ undoubtedly applies to our kids keeping themselves safe. We know we won’t always be physically present to protect our kids from everything – I’m sure you lose sleep over this like I do. But, we can empower them and give them confidence by teaching them what they can do in these kind of situations.”

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