Moms share the 'bitter truth' about motherhood in hilarious video

By Samantha Luiz
10 May 2016

From having no time to pluck their chin hair to never going to the bathroom in private, the truth about motherhood is revealed in this viral video.

Shared on Facebook by Nick Jr, the video shows a number of Australian women singing about the less glamorous side of motherhood.

"Another day with two hours sleep, and I’m not sure I’ll survive it" the song begins.

"I can’t remember the last time I took a wee in private.

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"The last six hours all I’ve heard is 'Let It Go' acappella. There’s a big brown mess on the kitchen bench and I’m praying that it's Nutella."

The viral video, which was produced for Mothers' Day, has garnered more than 890 000 views.

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"I can relate to this on every level...especially the 'is that nutella or vegemite' but you still lick it to check!!" commented Donna Nancarrow.

Another user commented,"This made me laugh cry and miss my kids wish they were still little and not mums and dads them selfs loved having them around."

Watch the hilarious video below:


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