More and more women are getting ‘designer vaginas’

By admin
30 October 2014

It may sound like something bored Beverly Hills housewives would become obsessed with in a Hollywood blockbuster, but it's been found requests for designer vaginal surgery are on the rise.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), between 2013 and 2014 there was a 49 per cent increase in the amount of such operations, and it's thought a desire to look better in tight exercise clothing and swimwear is the reason.

'It can prove life-changing for so many patients'

There are several options for those looking to alter the appearance of their area, with labiaplasty one of the "most popular cosmetic procedures in women", according to aesthetic plastic surgeon and spokeswoman for the ASAPS, Dr Jennifer Walden.

It sees the size or shape of a woman's vaginal lips changed, with the other operation, vaginoplasty, focusing on tightening after childbirth, for example.

"It is one of the fastest rising procedures, in terms of popularity," Dr. Walden told Daily Mail Online. "It can prove life-changing for so many patients... Over the last three to four years, I have seen a large rise in procedures for feminine issues."

The medical professional believes there are many reasons for the operations' rise in popularity. In part she puts it down to trends in fashion and beauty, with women now opting for things like laser hair removal, which can leave them more conscious of their private parts. Tight clothing has the same effect, making women more likely to be aware of anything they are unhappy with.

However, not all the operations are conducted purely for vanity reasons. Enlarged labia can cause pain during sex and discomfort in general, so some women have no choice but to go under the knife.

The change in perceptions of this kind of surgery means ladies are also happier to discuss any difficulties they are having. Anyone considering such a step should be aware that any operation is a major undertaking and a decision which shouldn't be made lightly. Your first port of call should always be your doctor, who will be able to give full and frank advice on your options. It's also worth consulting several surgeons before you go through with the procedure, and make sure you ask questions about exactly what it will entail, recovery time and aftercare.

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