More celebs try out new hair trend

By admin
15 March 2013

We told you it was going to be big this year and now that Kim’s adopted the style many fashionistas will soon follow.

The new Botox – that’s what fringes are being called these days. And after two of the most stylish, high-profile women in the world lopped off their locks to frame their famous visages they’re more fashionable than ever.  When American first lady Michelle Obama (49) decided to opt for the chop her new look received almost as much media coverage as her husband’s inauguration for his second term as president of the planet’s most powerful nation.  And in the case of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, it was more than an innocent little trim. It was a forerunner to the news the world was waiting for: Kate (31) is pregnant. The change said it all.  Now three more celebs have followed in their footsteps. Kim Kardashian (32) flirted with the idea at the start of this year when she attached a faux fringe to the front of her raven locks. But this time she has bravely snipped the style into her hair for real.    She appears to have followed the example of her sister Kourtney, who revealed her own bangs last week. 

Milla Jovovich (37), known for her adventurous spirit when it comes to altering her hairstyles, has had her own face-framing fringe cut in preparation for an upcoming fashion shoot.

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