More gold from Egoli

By admin
26 March 2010

A striptease, machine-gun fire, flashbacks to his army days and a murky past Joe simply can’t escape . . . yup, settle down for lots of drama and fireworks in the Place of Gold!

The final curtain might have fallen on the soapie but Egoli addicts still have one straw to hold on to: the long-awaited Egoli movie.

For one last time you’ll be able to pop into Nora’s (Christine Basson) kitchen, watch Nenna (Shaleen Surtie-Richards) let Joe (Darren Kelfkens) have it and laugh and cry as the characters who have become your friends over 18 long years make their final appearances.

The Egoli film – at the moment still without a title – will open in cinemas around South Africa on 16 June. It delves into secrets buried deeper than gold, says M-Net’s head of publicity, Lani Lombard. And judging by the pictures taken during filming last October it will be well worth the wait.

The producers have maintained some serious secrecy about the movie but YOU can exclusively announce the Naudés of Brixton, whose lives and loves viewers have shared for years, will take their final bows on the big screen.

The film takes place about a year after we saw the Naudés on the box for the last time and it will appeal not only to Egoli fans. People who haven’t followed the soapie will find it a wonderful experience, mastermind of the series and producer of the film Franz Marx says.

It’s just the right recipe for chaos and more than enough drama. Be patient – the movie’s on its way!

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