Morgan Freeman's youthful secret? Don't stress

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29 August 2014

Morgan Freeman isn't a worrier.

Morgan Freeman isn't a worrier.

The iconic actor has found the secret to an easy life: Don't stress. He follows this mantra in everything he does. Rather than getting worked up over situations he can't control, Morgan prefers to take things in his stride and credits his youthful looks with his mellow attitude. "I’m not a worrier,” Morgan told British magazine ShortList. “You say I’m kind of youthful. Well, it’s because I don’t stress. If you want to age, let sh*t stress you out. "I came to this conclusion some time back: if I can do something about it, then it behoves me to get off my duff and go do it. If I can’t do anything about it, I don’t need to think about it. I don’t stop at accidents, for example. If I can help, fine. But if I’m just going to be in the way, I keep going.”

‘You say I’m kind of youthful. Well, it’s because I don’t stress’

At (77) Morgan is one of the most respected actors in the industry. He won an Oscar for his role in 2004's Million Dollar Baby and has portrayed everyone from God to Nelson Mandela on the big screen.

His expertise don't just extend to acting though, he's also happy to share his tips on attracting the opposite sex.

“I really think the secret is don’t chase them, They’ll come to you. And when they’re coming to you, you’re going to say: ‘OK. Cute.’ Don’t try to get noticed.

"If you’ve got to work to make them aware of you, it’s probably a mistake. You go into a bar and walk up to a woman and say, ‘Haven’t we met before?’ or some sh*t like that and she looks at you like that…" he laughed.

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