Mother-of-three held hostage gets help by ordering pizza

By admin
08 May 2015

Police freed a terrified mother of three after the online order she placed with Pizza Hut revealed she was being held up with a knife by her drug addict boyfriend.

Cheryl Treadway’s partner, Ethan Nickerson, was detaining her against her will and refused to allow her to leave the house or use the phone. As they argued, he began sharpening a knife and she feared for her life. Ethan later let Cheryl (26) order food when she’d persuaded him to allow her to use her cellphone. Using the online app of Pizza Hut she ordered a pepperoni pizza, adding, “Help me, please. Phone 911. Hostage. Help!”

Staff at the Avon Park branch in Florida recognised Cheryl as a regular client and immediately summoned the police who rushed to her aid. As police arrived she fled from the house with a baby in her arms, warning police her boyfriend was armed with a knife.

Ethan (25) at first refused to surrender saying he doesn’t want to go to jail. He’s being charged with serious assault and unlawful detention. Police suspect he was using metamphetamine (tik).

Sources: Daily Mirror, ABC News, NBC New York

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