Mother wants to give birth to her late daughter’s kids

By admin
08 May 2015

A British mother has asked a court to give her access to her late daughter’s egg cells because she wants to have them fertilised so she can give birth to her own grandchildren.

According to the 58-year-old woman and her 59-year-old husband it was their daughter’s last wish that her mother should bear her children.

The daughter was an only child and died of stomach cancer when she was in her late twenties. She had her eggs cells frozen soon after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Apparently her greatest wish was to have children.

According to reports a clinic in New York has offered to perform the procedure should the couple’s court application be successful. It’s believed it will cost them more than R1,1 million.

It’s regarded as the first time in the world that a woman will bear her late daughter’s children. Last year the institution where the eggs are kept refused to hand them over to the parents. It says there isn’t enough proof that it was the daughter’s wish. The parents don’t have a written document or any other proof.

It’s possible for a woman who has already been through menopause to become a surrogate mother, but it’s risky for both mother and child.


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