Motherhood has given Charlize Theron a new outlook

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22 April 2015

Charlize Theron thinks becoming a mother has given her "perspective".

The 39-year-old actress adopted son Jackson in 2012 and is very rarely spotted out and about without the adorable tot.

Before taking on the role of a parent to the little boy, who is now three, Charlize had her pet pooches to pour her love into. But having a child has given her so much more.

'I do know that choosing to be a mom in my late 30s has been really great for me'

"They’re all my children. I know people get weirded out when people talk that way about their animals, but love is love and care is care, and just because one needs a diaper and the other does not doesn’t mean you don’t have a deep feeling for them," she explained to W magazine about her pets. "The loss of some of my dogs has been just as devastating as the loss of a family member. Having said that, I do know that choosing to be a mom in my late 30s has been really great for me. It’s given me perspective."

Part of this new perspective is the blonde actress no longer being judgmental towards women as they age, realising all milestones should be celebrated. She encourages women in their 20s not to "hit the Chardonnay" too hard if they fear getting older, instead advising them to take every step as it comes.

"Getting older is not that bad. Actually, I’m a complete alcoholic, but, please, don’t worry," she laughed.

Charlize, who is rumoured to be engaged to beau Sean Penn, also shared some pearls of wisdom she'd give to her 20-year-old self. She begins with revealing she'd tell herself to "calm down."

"I was always in a rush. I felt like time was going to run out. Now that I’m older, I know I’m not missing out on anything," she added. "Now, I go home, and that feels really good. When I hit 30, I realised I didn’t have to please everybody. I could actually enjoy life, which is not a bad thing at all."

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