Motivate your kids to go back to school

14 January 2015

Learners from inland provinces have just gone back to school, whereas those from coastal provinces will be behind their desks next Wednesday. After more than a month-long holiday, how do you motivate your kids to get back into the swing of things?

Here are five tips from Cape Town life coach Godfrey Madanhire on how you can help motivate your kids for the new school year.

Remind them school isn’t just about academics, he says. Tell them the start of term also means they’ll again get to participate in sport, debate or any other extramural activities they enjoy.

Going back to school also means they’ll see their friends again. “Tell them stories about your friends from school and remind them that school friendships can last a lifetime,” Godfrey adds.

Help them set their own goals for the year, he advises. This can be anything from joining a sports team to getting three As. Ask them to write down their goals before they get bogged down by their schoolwork and extramural activities. And don’t impose your goals on them as they need to come up with their own, he adds.

Tell them positive stories about when you were still a leaner. This will encourage them to think positively about school.

If your child is only starting school on Wednesday, get them used to early mornings. Instead of letting them sleep late this weekend, wake them up early. “But don’t do this just for the sake of waking them up,” says Godfrey. “Wake them up to do something exciting, like going to the beach or visiting Grandma.”

-Petro-Anne Vlok

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