Move away from migraines

By admin
11 September 2014

They can be debilitating, often with no hope it sight. Here's how to manage your migraines, and leave them in the dust.

Anyone who's suffered from migraines before will know what a pain - literally - they are. The piercing headache, the sensitivity to light, the disturbed vision, the sickness... A migraine will often leave you unable to do anything but lie in a dark room, meaning you have to take a sick day or cancel social arrangements. Luckily there are a few changes you can make to help ward off migraines.

Fuel your body

One of the triggers for a migraine is a dramatic dip in blood sugar level. The most effective thing you can do is snack regularly. Don't worry if you're on a diet - snacking doesn't have to mean piling on the pounds. Nuts and seeds are great for energy, as are batons of carrot, celery, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Or if you fancy something sweeter, opt for a low-fat yoghurt with fruit.

There's also research that suggests Vitamin B2 and magnesium could aid in keeping migraines at bay. Find Vitamin B2 in cheese, yogurt, liver and green, leafy vegetables and magnesium in beans, nuts and whole grains such as brown rice. If you don't find you get enough of these in your diet, consider a supplement. Herbs feverfew and butterbur and coenzyme Q10 could also help.

Up your exercise

Cardio is great for migraine sufferers. A recent study found that cycling indoors three times a week dramatically reduced the pain suffered after three months. Spinning isn't the only option of course - going for a jog, cycling outside or dancing are also beneficial. If you're not used to working out, build it up slowly, as vigorous exercise could actually induce a migraine.

Manage stress

Stress is one of the biggest causes of migraines - but maybe not in the way you think. Stress hormone cortisol dulls pain, so coming down from an intense period of anxiety might be when the headaches start. Take time to relax and manage your stress.

There's also a fun way to do this - have more sex! A German study found that getting frisky, particularly achieving orgasm, helped to relieve symptoms of migraine and lower stress levels. It's probably the release of endorphins you can thank for that.

Take a look at your birth control

If you're on the pill or any other type of birth control, it could be worth visiting your doctor. Some cause hormonal fluctuations that set off migraines, so discuss whether another option might work better for you.

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