Move over, Rebecca Black! This cringeworthy family music video is the best of the worst

By admin
04 April 2014

We're almost certain there was nothing more embarrassing than our old family videos. Until we saw this. For this family there's nothing better than home-made videos that features them singing.

cheese 2

Catch a glimpse of Three Beat Slide, a family band consisting of dad, little brother and his sis. It's pure cheese, topped off with terrible lip-synching.

The happy family have penned a few uncreative lyrics, such as: "Going to the beach oh yeah, I got my swimsuit on, I don't have a care"

and: "It's summertime and isn't it great? It's summertime, when everything's good."

cheese 3

We're still not sure if it's a parody (a bit late for April Fools', guys!) but if legit it's likely to catch up to Rebecca Black's infamous "Friday".

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