Movember history lesson

Where it started...


Jan van Riebeeck (aka The Hairy Lip from Holland) tried to draw attention away from his terrible hair by growing a moustache that made a comeback amongst traffic cops in the 1970s.


Shaka Zulu was not only the greatest king and warrior in SA, he also managed to set trends while kicking butt.

Early 1900s

Mahatma Gandhi didn’t passively resist his urge to sport a hairy upper lip.


Foto: Gallo images

Bank robber Andre Stander probably grew a moustache to blend into 70s South Africa (or maybe to pass as Magnum PI?). He was without the upper lip fuzz when he finally got caught. Coincidence? We think not.


Former Springbok rugby coach Pieter de Villiers grew a welcome mat on his upper lip for his foot that so often made its way there.


Jack Parow can singlehandedly take credit for bringing the moustache back into fashion.

Esté Langeveldt