Movie: 21 Jump Street

By admin
16 March 2012

Rating: 1/5

Teen comedy.

With Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube.

Directors: Phil Lord and Chris Miller.


Opens 23 March.

Senseless chaos and glamorous anarchy best describe this send-up of teens and incompetent cops.

It’s based on the ’80s TV series starring Johnny Depp but the makers of this film adaptation got so caught up with their own antics they dispensed with all moviemaking standards.

If I were a teen I would take them to court for character assassination.

To give the film a reason to exist themes of teen problems and drug smuggling are stuck onto the story like chewing gum to a desk.

Sadly the producers forgot to add any substance and instead created a superficial joyride that makes Your Highness look Oscar-worthy in comparison.

Two irresponsible blockheads (Tatum and Hill) end up in the police force and must go undercover at a high school to investigate the drug-related death of a learner. But then the film descends into patting itself on the back about how sexy Tatum and cool Hill are.

If you think a clichéd, self-indulgent, childish teen comedy that encourages drug abuse is a good idea you might enjoy this. Heaven help us if there’s a sequel. A complete waste of money.

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