Movie: A Million Colours

By admin
20 April 2012

Rating: 2/5

True-life drama.

With Wandile Molebatsi and Jason Hartman.

Director: Peter Bishai.


Opens 27 April.

In 1975 the local movie e’Lollipop won over audiences with its blueprint for how a new South Africa might function.

The friendship between two boys, one black and one white, captured the imagination. But the 1976 Soweto riots and compulsory military service drove a wedge between them and destroyed their friendship. This film follows their eventful lives until they meet again years later.

This is a hard, long watch. It’s moving to see how political prejudice and racism affected their relationship but for the rest this film doesn’t quite work.

It’s not the events that don’t convince but rather the way the story is told. It frequently feels as if you’re watching a soapie. The solutions offered are too glib, as if the characters’ pain has been toned down to make it audience-friendly. The result is you don’t “believe” the movie and it doesn’t get under your skin.

Wandile Molebatsi gives a strong performance but Jason Hartman (the 2009 Idols co-winner) isn’t up to the complex role of a white man whose spirit is nearly broken by the defence force. In fact it’s the army scenes in particular that don’t feel authentic.

Although it’s not perfect you should see and support this film because it promotes reconciliation.

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