Movie about Tiger coming

By admin
18 January 2010

The Tiger Woods saga continues unabated. And if you’ve lapped up every twist and turn of the golf superstar’s sexcapades you can look forward to a TV movie version set to hit the box in the next few months.

“He will come back but whether he’ll retain that mystique as an iconic player I’m not sure,” Scottish golfer and Europe’s Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie says. “It will be tougher for him but he’ll be out to prove he can do this under extreme pressure.”

The gossip train has been steaming ahead since Tiger fled his Orlando, Florida, mansion in the wee hours on 27 November to escape the wrath of his wife, Elin Nordegren, and crashed into a fire hydrant. Reconstructive surgery was done on his face after Elin attacked him with a No 9 iron. Reportedly his cheekbone was fractured and he almost lost two of front teeth in the row after Elin had read about his lover, Rachel Uchitel (34).

Latest gossip is New York nightclub hostess Rachel at one stage suspected she was pregnant with his baby but it proved to be a false alarm.

Since our previous article on Tiger (YOU, 7 January) a further four anonymous women have claimed to have had affairs with him. This brings the tally to 18 and who knows whether more will claim to have bedded him.

Elin has reportedly given Tiger an ultimatum: either he follows actor Michael Douglas’ example and agrees to undergo treatment for his alleged sex addiction or she and the kids will be out of his life forever.

Tiger has kept a low profile since the incident. He spent his 34th birthday on 20 December on his yacht. It’s reported he booked in to Trump International Hotel in New York City under an assumed name on 2 January and spent most of the time behind closed doors. Reports that he’s hiding in South Africa are also doing the rounds.

Those who have followed the Tiger saga can look forward to a riveting TV movie starring Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jnr (41) as the disgraced sportsman.

“It makes a great movie because people love the drama of seeing someone really successful fall from the top, then scramble to pick up the pieces of their life,” a Hollywood producer says. “It proves even the world’s greatest athlete is human just like the rest of us. But the movie needs to be made before the public loses interest in Tiger so the race is now on.”

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