Movie boffin: what’s on at the cinema

By admin
22 March 2013

This week there are only two movies opening.

This week there are only two movies opening.  Comedy Identity Thief stars Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) as mild-mannered businessman Sandy Patterson who has to track down the seemingly sweet-natured woman (Melissa McCarthy of Bridesmaids fame) who’s stolen his identity and is spending all his money. Reviews website Rotten Tomatoes gave it only 21 per cent, attributing the film’s few laughs to Bateman and McCarthy’s hard work. According to US critic Richard Roeper “it’s a cheap copy of much better comedies”.  Nature documentary Chimpanzee, on the other hand, received 74 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. The sixth film from Disneynature, it follows a young chimpanzee in the Taï National Park in Ivory Coast through his infant years as he tries to survive after his mother is killed. Although some critics complain that the narration by actor Tim Allen ascribes human emotions and behaviour to the chimps, the intimate, beautifully filmed footage makes it a worthwhile watch. 

-Sandra Visser

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