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02 April 2013

The biggest films opening this week.

The biggest film opening this week is animated adventure The Croods from DreamWorks Studios. This visually stunning movie is about a prehistoric family led by patriarch Grug (voiced by Nicolas Cage), whose biggest concern is keeping his family safe, and that means staying close to their cave. But when their home is destroyed they’re forced to venture into the outside world. Overall critics felt The Croods is entertaining family fare, but that its slapstick humour will amuse kids more than adults.

Parker is an action thriller starring tough guy Jason Statham as a master thief who, when double-crossed by his crew during a heist and left for dead, decides to seek payback. He tracks them to Florida’s wealthy Palm Beach and, with the help of an estate agent (Jennifer Lopez), plans to steal their latest haul. Reviews website Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rating of only 39 per cent, saying Parker is a generic action film, but Empire magazine gave it three stars and was impressed with Statham and Lopez’s chemistry.

So Undercover is another attempt to build a successful film around Miley Cyrus. This time she’s a private eye whose skills attract the attention of an FBI agent (Jeremy Piven of Entourage) and he sends her on an undercover assignment at a university res. This is one for die-hard Cyrus fans only – Total Film magazine said she “gives fans what they want in this bubblegum Miss Congeniality riff” but gave it only two stars because of its “confusing non-story”. Watch it if you’re desperate to see more of Revenge hunk Josh Bowman, who co-stars.

The Bollywood release this week is Himmatwala about a priest who commits suicide when the powerful landlord whom he testifies against in a murder trial bribes his way to freedom and succeeds in ruining the priest’s reputation. The priest’s son flees the village and returns years later to avenge his family’s shame. It’s a remake of a 1983 movie and hasn’t been reviewed yet.

To the Power of Anne is a local film centred on actress/singer Anne Power, who’s struggling to maintain her career in middle age. As Anne prepares to audition for the stage production Woman of a Certain Age, a reality TV show crew is assigned to document her life and she seizes the opportunity to try to claw her way to the top. Local critic Diane de Beer gave the film only two stars, writing that it’s a confusing blend of mockumentary and reality.

-Sandra Visser

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