Movie: Burlesque

By admin
14 January 2011


With Christina Aguilera, Cher and Cam Gigandet.

Director: Steve Antin.


Opens 21 January.

Rating: 3/5

What’s it about?

A country girl arrives in Los Angeles hoping to make it as a singer. She ends up in a second-rate nightclub where she meets a legendary diva who gives her a chance to show what she’s got.

Who will enjoy it?

It’s not the most sophisticated flick; the main purpose seems to have been to get two divas,Cher and Christina Aguilera, ­together on screen.

The plot is so thin it has less to it than Paris Hilton’s G-string. The acting is over the top and Cher has had so much botox she can barely move her face. And although both stars are excellent singers even the music is un­remarkable.

The ­romantic angle seems to have been dragged into the film by its hair – but never fear, there’s enough opportunity for Cam Gigandet to get rid of his shirt (and everything else).

Wait for DVD?

No, if you really feel you must do it to yourself round up some friends and go see it. When you’re not screaming with laughter you’ll think the story could be about you.

But this guilty pleasure is so unrefined you may wonder if anyone would bother seeing it if it weren’t for the two big

female stars.

Similar films

Showgirls; Nine.

Popcorn fact

Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Biel were both in the running for the part of Nikki that eventually went to Kristin Bell.

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