MOVIE: Butter

By admin
10 January 2013

It might make you see your neighbours’ eccentricities in a new light.

Rated: 3/5 

Romantic comedy

With Ty Burrell, Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman

Director: Jim Field Smith


Opens 4 January

At first you think the writer must be crazy – why would anyone want to make a film about people who create works of art out of butter? Does this guy have a screw loose? Then it becomes clear what he’s trying to say – that only those who live in rural areas can understand small-town culture. That some individuals have rare talents others wouldn’t even dream of. And that some people skim the cream off other people’s lives and take advantage of the butter made from it!

The story begins when Iowa’s top butter sculptor decides, after decades of success, to give someone else a chance to be butter artist of the year. As his selfish wife (Jennifer Garner in a wonderful spoof role), a local stripper and a young girl vie for the top prize their vicious competitiveness and secrets are exposed in satirical fashion.

Definitely a movie to take with a good pinch of salt because the filmmakers exaggerate the small-mindedness and neuroses of smalltown life. It’s not an outstanding film but it might make you see your neighbours’ eccentricities in a new light.


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