Movie: Centurion

By admin
08 October 2010

War drama.

With Michael Fassbender, David Legeno and Dominic West.

Director: Neil Marshall.


Opens 15 October.

Rating: 3/5

What’s it about?

It’s the year 117 AD. The Romans’ Ninth Legion are fighting the murderous Picts but are ambushed in northern Britain and their general is captured.

It’s up to Quintus (Fassbender) to free him.

Who will enjoy it?

Crazy about rivers of blood, severed limbs and gaping chest wounds? Then this slice of nonstop bloodshed should be up your street.

Talk about wild, relentless fighting! Brutal confrontations make up about 80 per cent of this movie, so action junkies will certainly get their fill of dramatic battles, bloody clashes and over-the-top violence.

Michael Fassbender is an actor to watch though – he manages to focus attention on his character amid all the hectic action and successfully carries the film on his broad shoulers.

This flick definitely isn’t for sissies.

Wait for DVD?

No. The spectacular battles and brutal fights must be seen in a theatre to be fully appreciated. It won’t have the same impact on a TV screen. The fear and horror of war are realistically and colourfully portrayed and the atmosphere is dark and brooding.

Definitely not a first-date movie – there’s so much blood splattered about you could end up with some in your popcorn!

Think carefully before buying a ticket for this one.

Similar films

Gladiator; Braveheart.

Popcorn facts

*Archeologists have found remains of the Ninth Legion’s settlements on the banks of the Rhine River, which proves they existed and emigrated from Scotland to Germany.

*Michael Fassbender went on a fast to prepare for playing hunger-striker Bobby Sands in The Hunger, the role that brought him to critics’ attention.

*He has quite a reputation as a ladies’ man in Los Angeles.

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