Movie: Cowboys & Aliens

By admin
19 August 2011


With Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Paul Dano.

Director: Jon Favreau.


Opens 19 August.

Rating: 3/5

What’s it about? 

In 1873 a spacecraft lands in Arizona, causing mayhem among the cowboys and other palookas of the Wild West.

Who will enjoy it?

Sci-fi geeks and die-hard Western fans. This is a movie for guys and their best buddies – it takes macho strutting and anything-goes escapades to a whole new level.

It’s one of the first films to combine the sci-fi and Western genres yet won’t necessarily satisfy fans of either.

Western fans especially are left ­wanting. Daniel Craig is superb as the lonesome Clint ­Eastwood-type figure and with his tough ­charisma and authoritative performance leaves even Harrison Ford in the dust.

Ford has played this type of character just one too many times.

But it’s the monsters, who look like Alien’s slimy-tentacled ­creatures, that rule in this movie.

With seven scriptwriters on board the story gets too complicated and lacks style, with the result the plot crash-lands in the dirt every now and then.

A simpler, more straightforward clash between a traditional Western hero, complete with stubble and a cigar, and a supersonic evil baddie with futuristic spaceships would have had more of a blood-and-guts impact.

You’ll have to keep your six-shooter cocked and your body full of Red Bull to make sense of this flick.

It’s fun in a rough-and-tumble way but Olivia Wilde doesn’t seem at home here and the plot’s twists and tentacles must have legendary Western director John Ford turning in his grave.

Cool and entertaining – but not entirely satisfying.

Similar films

Alien; Wild, Wild West; Men in Black.

Popcorn fact

Robert Downey Jnr was originally cast in the lead but decided to do another film.

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