Movie: Disconnect

By admin
05 July 2013

This is the best movie you’ve never heard of

Drama. With Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Colin Ford and Max Thieriot. Director: Henry Alex Rubin. 16DLNS. Opens 12 July.

. After its release in America it received excellent reviews but then disappeared off the radar because it doesn’t feature any major stars. But don’t let that put you off – sometimes

the best things come in small packages!

This drama offers comfort to anyone who’s ever been bullied or been the victim of internet bullies. it tackles callous jerks who ridicule their friends on Facebook or cellphone networks just for the fun of it.

But the movie’s focus is wider: it also explores the effects of misunderstandings and coincidence, as well as the consequences thoughtless acts have on innocent people. So if you’ve been the victim of crime or selfishness this intense drama is for you.

Several stories are told simultaneously, including one about a geek who takes pictures of himself in the nude which are then hacked by so-called friends and distributed to everyone in his school. what effect does this have on the boy and his family?

This sober, thorough look at the despicable things people do to one another isn’t your regular popcorn fodder. it’s a movie that deserves to be watched with respect and awe, knowing you’re experiencing one of the year’s best films – and one that could change your life. Make sure it doesn’t pass you by!

- Leon van Nierop

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