Movie: Edge of Darkness

By admin
03 May 2010

What’s it about?

A hard-boiled detective’s life is shattered when his activist daughter is shot dead as they’re walking out of his front door. His investigation reveals widespread corruption in politics and business.

Who will enjoy it?

Are you suffering withdrawal symptoms from not seeing enough Mel Gibson on the big screen? Then you’ll welcome back your hero with open arms. He’s sporting a little grey around the temples but he’s as tough as always and won’t let a bunch of corrupt thugs ruin his life. This dramatic action flick follows a successful recipe: as soon as your heartbeat returns to normal the director hits you with yet another didn’t-see-that-coming revelation or nerveracking car chase. In other words it’s exactly what you expect fromaMel Gibson action movie–but with humanity.

Wait for DVD?

No. Not even your plasma screen will be able to do justice to all the action. This flick is made for the big screen and that’s where you and your family (at least those older than 16) should see it. It’s scathing of government corruption

but also has a clear message that parents and kids keep secrets from one another at their peril. Clever, manipulative action entertainment with a delicious twist in the tail.

Similar films

Armored, From Paris with Love, Eastern Promises.

Popcorn facts

- It’s Mel Gibson’s first movie appearance in eight years.

- Robert De Niro was initially cast in Ray Winstone’s role but clashed with the director.

Action drama. With Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone and Bojana Novakovic.

Director: Martin Campbell. 16LV. Opens 7 May.

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