Movie: Felix

By admin
13 September 2013

If you thought Spud was a little too spiteful and naughty, here’s good news: you can tell your kids to put away their cellphones so they can munch popcorn while watching this inspiring African story that young and old will enjoy.

Local drama. With Hlayani Junior Mabasa, Janet Suzman and Linda Sokhulu. Director: Roberta Durrant. A. Opens 13 September. Rating 3/5

A boy from the wrong side of the tracks finds himself in an elite English-language school. He wants to become a master saxophonist, like his late father, but his mother doesn’t like the idea. At least the poor little guy has a pennywhistle! Then he discovers why his mom doesn’t like the saxophone. What a cool, high-kicking, bubbling kids’ movie! There aren’t many directors these days who dare to tell stories with which children from various cultural groups can identify, but this movie falls in that category. Don’t expect dicey jokes like in Spud – the humour in Felix is clean, witty and safely predictable. It creates an atmosphere similar to that of e-Lollipop (1975) which the previous generation still talks about. And it looks at school and growing up in multicultural groups without bringing tricky politics or patronising sermonising into it. And for a change the kids’ capers are harmless. Wonderful!

- Leon van Nierop

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