Movie: Footloose

By admin
30 December 2011

Teen romance.

With Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid.

Director: Craig Brewer.


Opens 6 January.

Rating: 3/5

What’s it about?

A wild, streetwise kid arrives in a conservative town where dancing is illegal. He gives the town and its law the finger and incites local youngsters to start shaking their stuff. Then he falls in love with the minister’s daughter.

Who will enjoy it?

Anyone with a sense of rhythm. Boy, this is one lively, testosterone-laden funpark ride! In terms of entertainment alone it deserves four stars.

The dance scenes are electrifying and the young dancers’ hot moves will leave you itching to shake your booty.

And these youngsters are sexy! Kenny Wormald hots up the screen with his earth-shaking moves and lightning feet, while Julianne Hough sizzles with sensuality in barely-there outfits.

You have to wonder how her preacher dad allowed her to wear such tiny hot pants.

The story feels manipulated and unconvincing but the on-fire dance scenes, with irresistibly rhythmic music and sexy, arrogant youngsters, their sweaty bodies loaded with desire, propel this movie.

Whether you’re 13 or 80, this let’s-party dance movie generates enough heat to kick off your new year properly.

The spontaneous scene in which Wormald dances his frustrations away and teaches his best friend some moves is dynamic and powerful. The holidays aren’t over yet, so dance the night away with this cool flick. More energy than a litre of bubbly!

Similar films

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Popcorn facts

*Kenny Wormald did almost all his dance moves himself, unlike Kevin Bacon in the 1984 original version of the movie.

*He’s also a professional choreographer.

*His older brother, Gary Valentine, is a comedian.

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