Movie: Friends with Kids

By admin
29 June 2012

Rating: 3/5

Romantic comedy.

With Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott and Maya Rudolph.

Director: Jennifer Westfeldt.


Opens 6 July.

If you don’t have children this romcom’s message seems to be that kids are okay. They may be a lot of trouble but they’re actually a blessing. And keep the romance alive when your wife tells you she’s pregnant. Which is why this movie seems to be aimed only at couples who aren’t sure whether to start a family.

The story reminds one of Bridesmaids but without the wit or pink outifits. Two singletons decide to have a child together, even though they’re not in love. Afterwards, they decide, their friendship will remain platonic.

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Their married friends are examples of couples whose baby woes make them smash their iPads and whose love-lives have ground to a halt.

Does the formula marriage + babies = frustration and a slog apply to everyone?

It soon becomes clear the scriptwriter’s intention is to give couples with kids fresh hope – don’t worry, things will get better and your love-lives will get back on track. In other words, kids are a necessary part of marriage.

Decide for yourself: are you the cynical outsider who’d rather say, “That’s why we don’t have kids” – or will this comedy have you tutting over a crying baby in nine months’ time?

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