MOVIE: Here Comes the Boom

By admin
18 December 2012

It’s a welcome alternative to the current crop of blockbusters.

Rated: 3/5


With Kevin James and Salma Hayek

Director: Frank Coracio


Opens 21 December

This movie is something like Rocky mixed with Stand By Me. When his learners’ extramural activities are cancelled due to a lack of funds an overweight biology teacher (Kevin James) decides to become a martial arts fighter and gets beaten black and blue to raise funds.

It’s only in movies a clumsy, chubby guy can survive an avalanche of hits and karate kicks, nevermind then becoming good enough at martial arts to beat his opponents. But in Hollywood anything is possible – as long as pundits leave the theatre with a smile on their faces – and this movie is feel-good proof of that theory.

It gets three stars purely for its gung-ho recklessness, and for Kevin James who for the first time in his career plays an acceptable character who never gets (too) vulgar. So if you’re a teen who hates your teacher, this movie might just make you see that geeky educator with the beer belly in a new light. It’s a welcome alternative to the current crop of blockbusters.


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