MOVIE: House at the end of the street

By admin
07 November 2012

It’s the perfect first-date movie if you want your new girl or boy to grab your hand every time they get a fright.

Rated: 2/5


With Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue and Max Thieriot.

Director: Nicholas Stoller.


Opens 9 November.

Come on, admit it – the only reason you’d see this movie is because it stars The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence! But there’s much more to it. It’s a bastardisation of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. A girl and her mentally unstable mother move into a house a stone’s throw from an abando- ned dwelling where two people were brutally murdered. The sole survivor, a boy played by Max Thieriot, now lives there alone. But is he really alone? And what happens when Jennifer’s character falls in love with this cute guy?

The story is just too far-fetched and there are too many unexplained twists and turns. Then again, a good thriller should mess with your head. Pretty girls in tight T-shirts are terrorised as they run headlong through thick undergrowth while dark shadows loom threateningly over houses. It’s the perfect first-date movie if you want your new girl or boy to grab your hand every time they get a fright.


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