Movie: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

By admin
01 October 2012

Naughty, cruel and aimed strictly at teens over 16 who love videogames

Rating: 2/5

Violent drama.

With Mel Gibson, Dean Norris and Peter Stormare.

Director: Adrian Grunberg.


Opens 5 October.

Remember those boring compositions you had to write at school about what you did during the holidays? Of course the teachers never learnt what you really got up to! In this violent, over-the-top movie Mel Gibson shows what he did in his summer break.

In a movie that makes Lethal Weapon look like Tinker Bell he ends up in the worst jail in Mexico, where the inmates can bring their families and even carry weapons. Apparently they’re easily “rehabilitated” there.

The worst is, it’s based on the truth!

The story is brutal, crazy and as illogical as a drunk chameleon on a Smarties box. And like in Lethal Weapon the mad anti-hero stumbles from one unlikely adventure to the next when he has to rescue a mom and her son.

The movie was originally titled Get the Gringo, which is an indication of its noisy, wilful, out-of-control style. The director, Adrian Grunberg, previously worked with Gibson on Apocalypto (2006).


– Leon van Nierop

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