MOVIE: Looper

By admin
12 December 2012

It’s a new version of a tired old story, but who knows, you might just enjoy it.

Rated: 2/5 


With Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt

Director: Rian Johnson


Opens 14 December

To think that arrogant teen with the razor-sharp tongue from TV series Third Rock from the Sun has grown into such a formidable young man! In The Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows he knows how to play an action role with authority, but this film isn’t nearly as hot as the sizzling poster suggests. It’s a bastardisation of Total Recall and is set in a future where law enforcers send criminals 30 years into the past so a task force, which includes Gordon- Levitt’s character, shoot the baddies with glee and get paid in gold for it.

This long-winded movie plays tricks with your head and with logic. One shouldn’t question a sci-fi plot too much, but this story gets so complicated you need a degree to make sense of it. Bruce Willis’ choice of roles is becoming predictable and boring and Emily Blunt is wasted on a character whose main role is to supply the eye candy. It’s a new version of a tired old story you’ve seen many times before, and not done much better. But who knows, you might just enjoy it.


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