Movie: Mars Needs Moms

By admin
15 April 2011

Animated comedy.

Voices: Seth Green and Joan Cusack.

Director: Simon Wells.


Opens 21 April.

Rating: 1/5

What’s it about?

A naughty, selfish young boy, Milo, treats his mother badly. Then she’s kidnapped by Martians and he has to find her on Mars and rescue her.

Who will enjoy it?

Definitely not animation junkies! The 3D treatment doesn’t do this flick any favours. The images are too dark and the 3D effect makes you feel distanced from the characters and the action – something that didn’t happen with How To Train Your Dragon, for example.

The characters in Mars Needs Moms are as dry as the Martian landscape.

The little troublemaker of a boy deserves to get into serious trouble and not to be pampered by his mom. On top of that her character lacks any kind of individuality.

A good dose of botox may just straighten out her wrinkled personality.

And when they land on Mars you get the feeling you’ve seen this story (and the landscape) before but done in a better and cooler way.

The biggest problem is the Hollywood trend to employ good actors for the voices and use motion capture (as in Avatar) to imitate their movements. It gives this movie a forced, artificial feel that makes it more fun to look at your popcorn in 3D than at the dark, clumsy images on the screen.

The story takes elements of Wall.E and Star Wars but lacks their charisma. There’s no vooma, personality or attitude – it needs a dragon in its tank and Red Bull to give the story wings!

Similar films

Wall.E, Star Wars.

Popcorn facts

*The movie cost $150 million (about R1 billion) to make but earned only $6,9 million (about R49 million) in its opening weekend.

*It’s considered one of the 10 biggest movie flops ever.

*Seth Green’s body language was captured and his face altered to look like Milo but his voice sounded too old so Seth Robert Dusky’s voice was used.

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