Movie: Material

By admin
10 February 2012


With Riaad Moosa, Vincent Ebrahim and Denise Newman. 

Director: Craig Freimond.


Opens 17 February

Rating: 4/5

At last – a sophisticated, intelligent local comedy with believable, fully-rounded characters, an exciting vibe and professional acting. If ever an SA film needed the support of local film fans, this is it!

Riaad Moosa, in a surprisingly well-timed and first-rate performance, plays a Muslim son whose father expects him to take over his unprofitable business in Fordsburg, Jozi.

Then the son discovers stand-up comedy and decides to change his direction – but his loyalty to his conservative dad, who refuses to accept change, prevents him.

There are no stereotypes in this clever, amusing and controlled comedy about the generation gap.

Seldom before has Jozi, and especially the historical part of Fordsburg, been used to such great effect. The dialogue is sparkling, original, clever and funny.

The confrontation between conservatism and a younger generation, who still respect their culture and uphold traditions but want to move forward, is competently explored by director Craig Freimond.

There’s not a condescending moment in this film that also deals with the dilemma of comedians in a country where bloodshed prevents many from laughing.

This film will transport you to a world where the words of funnymen expose the graffiti of the soul. It’s a rewarding surprise and a film that transcends borders.

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