Movie: Moonrise Kingdom

By admin
12 October 2012

You have to be a little crazy to enjoy Wes Anderson’s movies.

Rating: 4/5

Black comedy.

With Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton & Frances McDormand

Director: Wes Anderson


Opens 19 October.

He functions on his own eccentric planet where people stare with melancholy into a world they don’t understand. Thus they continue their miserable lives, speculating intensely about life’s meaning or meaninglessness.

In this quirky, slightly mixed-up but cool and stimulating comedy a boy and his girlfriend decide to run away together to create a magical place for themselves where they can cele- brate their lives and soulmate connection. But the youngster is a Boy Scout and the obsessive man in charge of his troop (Edward Norton) comes down hard on the boy after he dares to break protocol.

This flick asks you to surrender to a madcap world where nothing makes sense, created by a director who explores the meaning of life on his own terms, probing deeply and intensely into his characters’ inner lives. Moonrise Kingdom will have film freaks crying tears of joy at its wonderful lack of convention.

- Leon van Nierop

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