Movie: Morning Glory

By admin
21 January 2011


With Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton.

Director: Roger Michell.

Opens 28 January.


Rating: 3/5

What’s it about?

After losing her job a stressed, prissy TV producer finds a position at a TV breakfast show that has lost its spark and is tasked with trying to restore it to its former glory.

Who will enjoy it?

Anyone who needs a giggle to escape the January heat.

This fun, cool comedy is just the thing if you want to kick off the new year on a high note.

It shows dreams can come true – if you have the right attitude and a pleasant personality.

If only real life were this easy.

Even so, the director manages to fill this quirky romcom about a woman who’s married to her job with grumps, eccentric lovers and hilarious moments without turning it into an over-the-top, vulgar, slapstick farce.

Wait for DVD?

Yes, it will go down well with popcorn and a lounge full of your best friends. Rachel McAdams has enough charisma to make even a tired comedy situation seem as if it’s on steroids.

The laughs lie not only in the witticisms of the confused characters but also in Harrison Ford who for once raises his voice above a growl and whose crumpled face radiates more energy than 100 Botox treatments.

Even younger viewers will enjoy it.

Similar films

Maid in Manhattan, Working Girl.

Popcorn fact

*When Rachel was younger she worked at ­McDonald’s to make extra money.

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