Movie: Mud

By admin
16 August 2013

Leon van Nierop's review on the latest movie release.

Drama. With Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Tye Sheridan. Director: Jeff Nichols. 10-12PGV. Opens 23 August. Rating 4/5

It’s such a pity growing up doesn’t come with an instruction manual. This movie explores how difficult it is to get through puberty, that tough time adults seem to have forgotten about and now conveniently claim they “don’t understand”. This moving, emotional film is about two 14-year-old boys and the obstacles they face when confronted with the conservatism and prejudice of a small town. But their biggest problem is a charming drifter, Mud (an excellent Matthew McConaughey), who lives in a boat that’s ended up in a tree! He tries to contact his girlfriend who lives in the town with the help of the boys who convey his messages and bring him food. What’s gripping is the influence Mud’s free lifestyle and obsessions have on the youngsters’ receptive minds. But it isn’t a cute TV sitcom and there aren’t any “ag shame” moments. This dramatic, slow-moving movie reflects the characters’ internal landscapes with empathy, and the director uses the Mississippi River and the swamps surrounding the town to comment on their moods and influences. Young Tye Sheridan especially delivers a memorable performance. Brilliant!


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