Movie: No Strings Attached

By admin
25 March 2011

Romantic comedy.


Director: Ivan Reitman.

16SLD (Drugs).

Opens 1 April.

Rating: 2/5

What’s it about?

Two sexy lovers decide to keep their relationship purely physical – but how long will their minds and bodies be able to keep it up?

Who will enjoy it?

Not necessarily admirers of Miss Portman – even though she appears in various stages of undress, her performance here is way below the standard she set in Black Swan.

On top of which her character is superficial and irresponsible. So if you know her from her Oscar-winning role avoid this.

And Ashton Kutcher, who certainly provides eye candy for the ladies, seems to be picking the wrong roles these days.

An artificial, unconvincing narcissism has crept into his acting and it’s no wonder he was recently awarded a worst actor Razzie.

So here you have a chance to see the year’s best actress opposite the year’s worst actor mostly in the nude and in bed.

The movie makes its point early on – you can live on nothing but sex and water, especially when you’re young, but at some point emotions become important and your conscience and soul will have enough of empty, irresponsible sex.

Which means you can expect to see lots of bedroom action and conservative viewers may be shocked.

The dialogue is occasionally cool and witty but it’s too drawn out to keep one’s interest. A typical Ashton Kutcher-without-his-shirt sex comedy – but not a good choice for Natalie Portman.

Similar films 

There’s Something About Mary, Killers.

Popcorn facts

*Ashton Kutcher has a degree in biochemical engineering from the University of Iowa.

*He was once so poor he sold his blood to put food on the table.

*He has a twin brother, Michael.

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