Movie: Now you see me

By admin
06 August 2013

We take a look at Leon van Nierop's review of the new movie Now You See Me, about magic and illusion.

Psychological drama. With Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher and Mark Ruffalo. Director: Louis Leterrier. 10-12PGLV. Opens 9 August.

Calling all geeks! Or anyone who feels the victim of the kind of everyday catastrophe that makes you sigh in resignation and say, “Life’s not fair.” This movie is for everyone who feel fate isn’t on their side and that life hasn’t been kind to them. Four highly intelligent illusionists (played by among others Dave Franco and Woody Harrelson in his devilish-eyes mode) host mass magic shows where they entertain thousands with breathtaking tricks. But then these arrogant geniuses take things a step further: with an audience watching they rob a bank, completely outwitting the police. Their jaw-dropping stunts amuse but also keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s pure entertainment! The movie takes you on fun-park ride, with each scene a surprise and full of unexpected twists. Of course plenty of false hints are dropped, from stupid cops to people being fed alive to piranhas, but don’t let director Louis Leterrier and his team trick you – keep your eyes wide open and question everything! It’s a lot of fun.


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