Movie of the Week: About Time

By admin
18 October 2013

Directed by Richard Curtis who also wrote the scripts for Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill. See About Time at all costs!

Romance. With Rachel McAdams, Domhnall Gleeson and Bill Nighy. Director: Richard Curtis. 13L. Opens 25 October. Every reviewer has his guilty pleasure and this one is mine. It’s directed by Richard Curtis who also wrote the scripts for Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill. This time his characters travel to the past so his wonderful geeky hero (the natural Domhnall Gleeson) can have a chance to fix the mistakes he’s made in his love-life. This romantic soul learns from his father that he can go back in time, erase a mistake and relive that specific situation. Will this let him win the girl of his dreams? She’s played by Rachel McAdams, who can do this kind of role in her sleep. The striking thing about this film is Curtis’ fearless use of unashamed yet sophisticated sentiment and emotion. He couldn’t care less about cynical critics who are bound to complain

about improbable situations and sentimentality. As with Love Actually, which Curtis directed, he connects his audience emotionally and romantically with his charismatic characters, with the message that love is the strongest thing there is. And grab the dice, should they fall your way. This film is amusing and witty and the hero is one of the most human, normal and unaffected characters yet. Romance hasn’t been this frank and charming since The Notebook. See About Time at all costs! Rating 4/5

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