Movie of the Week: Closed Circuit

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28 October 2013

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Drama. With Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall and Jim Broadbent. Director: John Crowley. 10-12 PGLV. Opens 1 November.

It’s hard to believe a movie that starts off so promisingly can, like The Parallax View (1974), lose the plot so badly, with the scriptwriter unable to keep up the suspense and take a stimulating story to its shocking, logical climax. After a bomb explodes at a popular tourist attraction in London every movement is closely watched on closed-circuit TV. A suspected terrorist is arrested and two advocates, who previously had a relationship, have to defend him. But is he really guilty? Then the movie

hits you with a shock revelation . . . Up to this point director John Crowley manages to keep you nailed to your seat and

it feels as if you’re watching an Agatha Christie whodunnit in which a fresh twist is introduced in each scene. Rebecca Hall especially impresses with the way she makes her neurotic, meticulous character human and convincing. But then the story becomes so complicated it leaves you feeling like a half-completed jigsaw puzzle, and the closed-circuit TV theme falls apart and doesn’t go anywhere. Eric Bana, a fine actor, is the protagonist but he comes across as disinterested and Hall outplays him. The atmospheric cinematography changes London into a dark maze of terrifying evil and in this respect the film certainly succeeds. But the scriptwriter underestimates the audience and leaves them with an unsatisfying ending.

Rating 3/5

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